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E -Learning Curriculum Developer

As an expert in your field, it can be overwhelming to take your knowledge and place it inside a curriculum that encompasses all aspects of your eLearning design, including understanding the needs and goals of online learners and defining the standards they must achieve. We do the heavy lifting for you by designing your eLearning curriculum, which encompasses the courses, lessons, learning objectives, and activities that form the foundation of your online training program.

On-line course creation
fillable worksheets and workbooks
Content development
Curriculum Development

Branding and Stationary Design

By investing in top notch stationary, you demonstrate a commitment to excellence and convey a sense of professionalism that resonates with your target audience. We create high quality branded stationery that serves as a powerful marketing tool that not only promotes your business but also enhances its professional and organized image, leaving an impression on both new and existing customers.

Digital Logo
Business Card design

Social Media Graphics

Effective graphic design plays a crucial role in captivating the viewer’s attention, creating a lasting impression of your brand, and driving significant engagement on both your social media profiles and website. We create graphics for your social media that not only establish a positive brand image but also foster recognition. Through thoughtfully designed visuals, our graphic designs will empower you to effectively communicate your brand’s value and messaging.
Branded Social Media Posts
Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest Banners
IG Linktree
Animated Logo
Personal Logo
Product Retouching
Product Poster

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Welcome to 2minds5streams, your digital marketing powerhouse!

With a combined 25 years of experience in E-learning curriculum development, we are experts in crafting engaging educational materials for professionals, including teachers and businesses. Our proven track record in building strong brands for small companies sets us apart, placing them on the map and ensuring their success. We also specialize in creating eye-catching stationary designs that leave a lasting impression. When it comes to social media graphics, our creativity knows no bounds.

At 2minds5streams, we deliver personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our attention to detail and commitment to results make us the perfect partner for businesses of all sizes. Let us help you navigate the digital landscape and achieve your marketing goals.

Join us on the path to digital marketing excellence today.

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